Go Glam with our exclusive nail polish collections!
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? are you a makeup blogger

Would you like to receive free nail polish and hand care tools?

Are you looking for long-term support and sponsorship?

Do you aspire to be part of the Googleam family through Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media network?

If so, feel free to contact us at ceo@goglam.sa.

Please include links to your accounts and statistics of your followers and their engagement rates in the message. We can only respond to requests that include this information. You may receive 

Free nail polish and hand care tools ranging from 200 to 10,000 SAR monthly! Requirements:

1- You must have at least 5000 followers on one of your social media accounts.

2- You must have more than 10,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.

3- Your Snapchat account should have more than 20,000 views per story.