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Privacy Policy

The (GOGLAM) team welcomes you and thanks you for your trust. (GOGLAM) values your privacy and recognizes that you have rights. Therefore, (GOGLAM) is committed to safeguarding user information according to the privacy policy and information confidentiality practices in place at
 Accordingly, (GOGLAM) informs you that your personal information will be handled as follows

:Privacy Policy

Firstly: Information Obtained and Stored by (GOGLAM) in its Databases

Your personal information such as name, age, email, national ID, or residence permit number.

User login information, such as username, password, email, and password recovery questions and answers.

Due to the nature of the online platform, some information related to cookies may be used for electronic purposes to facilitate interaction between the store and the user.

? Secondly: Does (GOGLAM) Share this Information

.Certainly, (GOGLAM) strives to maintain this information to protect the privacy of its users.
(GOGLAM) only stores this information to improve the quality of the online store and facilitate interaction between (GOGLAM) and the user
We do not store this information

.As a general rule, all this information is provided solely to the management of (GOGLAM) and is not disclosed or transferred to other individuals

(GOGLAM) cares about the safety of its users
If (GOGLAM) becomes aware of any unauthorized or illegal activity carried out by the user, (GOGLAM), after consulting with its lawyers, will notify the relevant authorities

?Thirdly: What is the extent of the security and confidentiality of store information

(GOGLAM) is committed to the privacy policy and user information confidentiality and will not violate these rules and regulations. However, since 100% security cannot be guaranteed online, (GOGLAM) policy states the following:

  • (GOGLAM) aims to store all user information and ensure that it is not displayed by anyone who violates this policy.
  • (GOGLAM works to protect this information through a dedicated server. However, due to the unpredictable nature of the internet,
    (GOGLAM ) advises users to keep their information strictly confidential and not to disclose important information. This option is intended to guide users.

?Fourthly: Are there third parties involved in the relationship between (GOGLAM) and the merchant

The privacy policy specifies the cases in which there is a third party involved, such as marketers, technicians, consumers, or any other person related to the relationship

 :Fifthly: Rules and Conditions of Using (GOGLAM)

All obligations of (GOGLAM), all user obligations, and all rights related to the relationship between the user or consumer and (GOGLAM STORE) are provided in the "User Agreement". This policy, "Privacy Policy and Information Confidentiality", arises from the agreement concluded between the user and (GOGLAM) regarding the regulatory and legal relationship between them
The privacy policy and information confidentiality are established to ensure the credibility
and trust that (GOGLAM) is committed to providing to its users